Female Leadership – Survival Kit for Beginners

In a world that is constantly struggling for equality of chances, women’s voices resonate. While we know that gender-balanced leadership benefits all of society, women claiming merit-based top positions, be it in law, politics, science, military, or tech, often hit a glass ceiling. Why? Because of ingrained gender-based biases and stereotypes. Women who break through and become leaders symbolize hope for the young generation pursuing the goal of a fair and tolerant world that is free of bias. To this day, statistics show that a woman with ambition, a woman aiming at leading and impacting, is betting against herself. The journey to the top can be difficult, but we learn important lessons from societies with an imposed top-down approach (legal) to gender equality, as well as from societies with a bottom-up approach (soft-power). Both are societies where female role models can thrive. Their successes, increasing day by day, prove that our fight for equality pays off. How can you get onto the right path to female leadership and navigate through in a world run by men, and what lessons can we learn from the EU? Organized by Asters & Elsa Brussels

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