King’s Day of Belgium dedicated to Ukraine

King’s Day in Belgium (15th of November) has been dedicated to Ukraine. The Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander De Croo, President of the Senate Stephanie D’Hose and President of the Chamber of Representatives in the presence of the royal family have inaugurated the photo exhibition of the Ukrainian journalist Maks Levin, who was brutally killed by Russians in March.

We used the opportunity to talk to the Prime Minister of Belgium about the activities of the representation of “LNR/DNR” in Belgium, asked to recognise Holodomor as genocide, and I dared to ask him a question why he still had not paid a visit to Ukraine. He said “not yet but there will be a visit”. Indeed, 11 days later Alexander De Croo visited Kyiv and commemorated the victims of Holodomor!

The exhibition of Maks Levin’s photos has been possible thanks to the generous engagement of the senator Maud Vanwalleghem and artistic facilitator of the Senate Sophie Wittemans who responded to Promote Ukraine‘s request to hold the exhibition in the Senate.

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