Masks and Tests Harm the Kids – Court of Weimar Rules

Masks and Tests Harm the Kids – Court of Weimar Rules

With its decision from 8 April 2021 Court in Weimar forbids forcing pupils into wearing masks, doing COVID-19 tests and keeping the distance at two schools.
The ruling o states that the “immediate effects of the decision will be ordered”. The court expressly sees the validity of the decision for all children educated at the two schools. However, the schools concerned are not specified in the document.

The deputy chairman of Thuringia, Steffen Dittes, confirmed the authenticity of the district court’s judgment via Twitter. “Both @BildungTH and #Justizministerium are examining appeals to quickly review the interim order in the course of further legal proceedings,” tweeted Dittes.

The Ministry of Education of Thuringia made it clear on Sunday that the decision of the court in Weimar had no impact on Thuringia. “A proper announcement of the decision” has so far “not taken place”, according to the ministry. “Neither the schools nor the state government has the resolution in written form. So far we have only known an email to the school management,” it said.

According to the decision, a mother had resorted to the local court. The latter claimed “that the compulsion for their children in their schools to wear a face mask and to keep a minimum distance from one another and from other people endangered the well-being of their children.” The children attend an eighth and a third grade in schools in Weimar. The children would be damaged physically, psychologically and educationally without any benefit for the children or third parties.

The big media of Germany have slammed the decision calling it dubious.

In the 178-page long, from a legal point of view quite unusual document from the Weimar District Court, several experts are listed in addition to several reports and numerous literature sources. Their expertise can at least be questioned. On the one hand, the Würzburg biologist Ulrike Kämmerer is mentioned. In the past, Kämmerer had doubted the detectability of the coronavirus by PCR tests and has repeatedly been present at anti-corona demos. Ines Kappstein is also given as a reviewer – an avowed opponent of masks. So the judgment could be politically charged, – the FOCUS journalists doubt.


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