August 1, 2023

Unlock Ukraine

Unlock Ukraine emerges at a pivotal moment for Ukraine and the European Union. As Ukraine steps firmly onto the path of EU candidacy, the dialogue between Brussels’ power corridors and Ukraine’s vibrant civil society gains unprecedented importance. The Unlock Ukraine video podcast series, initiated by Promote Ukraine, aspires to fulfill this critical need for open, dynamic exchange.

Open Project
EU-Ukraine relations

Ukraine's interests within the EU framework

This innovative series will offer a platform for in-depth interviews with Belgian and European officials, providing insight into the nuances of EU-Ukraine relations. The core objective is to showcase and advocate for Ukraine’s interests within the EU framework, drawing upon the rich cultural, historical, and political tapestry that defines Ukraine’s European identity.

Understanding & Solidarity

The voices of staunch Ukraine supporters

By bringing the voices of staunch Ukraine supporters within EU institutions and Belgian public authorities to a wider audience, Unlock Ukraine aims to foster understanding and solidarity. This initiative will not only inform but also engage viewers, encouraging a dialogue that transcends traditional media narratives.

A video podcast series


In-Depth Interviews
with EU Officials

Unlock Ukraine brings you face-to-face with the European Union’s decision-makers, offering rare insights into their perspectives on Ukraine’s path to EU membership.

Each episode focuses on the nuanced policies and support mechanisms that shape Ukraine’s European journey, providing a platform for EU officials to discuss their commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and integration into the European community.

Spotlight on
Ukrainian Civil Society

Dive deep into the heart of Ukraine’s vibrant civil society with feature segments that showcase the country’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

Unlock Ukraine highlights the work of activists, artists, and community leaders who play a pivotal role in driving Ukraine’s European aspirations, offering viewers a glimpse into the soul of Ukrainian society and its unwavering European spirit.

Analysis of
EU-Ukraine Relations

Each episode includes a comprehensive analysis segment, where experts dissect the latest developments in EU-Ukraine relations.

From trade agreements and visa liberalization to security cooperation and cultural exchanges, Unlock Ukraine provides clear, expert commentary on the complex web of interactions that define the relationship between Ukraine and the European Union.

Voices of Support
from Belgian Authorities

Unlock Ukraine also features interviews with Belgian public officials who advocate for Ukraine’s European future.

These segments highlight Belgium’s role in supporting Ukraine within EU institutions, showcasing the solidarity and support at the national level within EU member states.

Through these discussions, viewers learn about the concrete actions and policies that Belgium and other EU countries implement to assist Ukraine in its time of need.

The podcast series stands as a testament to the enduring bond between Ukraine and the EU, a beacon for those who envision a shared European future marked by peace, stability, and collective prosperity.

Let's Collaborate

Join the team?

We are a dedicated team of volunteers, each bringing a unique set of skills and a shared passion for Ukraine’s European future. United by a common goal, we work collaboratively to strengthen civil society ties and amplify Ukraine’s voice on the European stage.


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