Whom do we serve?

We are here not to serve any vision,
We are here not to serve any religion. 
We are here to believe our conscience 
Can discern common sense from the nonsense. 
In God’s universal provision
When the evil gets us in collision, 
The respect towards God’s state of nature
Is human’s most safeguarding feature.  

Human, you are born to awareness,
God assumes your preparedness, 
God assumes you have morals
To win in dignity all of the quarrels.

Have you made up good explanations 
To not setting strict limitations 
To people's power that knows no excuses?
To people's power that knows the abuses?

Are you a responsible citizen? 
Do you maintain healthy criticism?
Do you righteously question democracy?
Do you timely raise the hypotheses?

According to Aristotle’s philosophy 
The people should live in the polity. 
When people are pushed into solitude
They may get God’s or Beast’s attitude.
Of those attitudes, do you have neither? 
Then make sure you now get it together!
Have a close look at all that is happening, 
Our common future is threatening:

You submit your life in subordination 
To semi-forceful digital transformation,
To semi-competent health verification,
All to get some sort of certification.

Hoping that now your natural freedom
Will finally be by ministers given...
Suddenly, the rest does not matter... 
But deep inside you know: we are better! 

You know that the silence of the minority 
Has always allowed wrong’s superiority.
It may happen now, unless window of Overton
Accepted by us, as such, is to be overthrown.

Take a decision in this ultimate quarrel, 
If in our societies there aren't morals, 
Take side and raise voice in times of upheaval,
Make sure that this time we don't serve the evil!


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