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Promote Ukraine

Founder of the Belgian international non-profit ogrnaisation Promote Ukraine since 2014.

Ukrainian Free University

Guest Lecturer at the Ukrainian Free University since 2017.


Head of Brussels office of the largest law firm of Ukraine – Asters.

Leonid Shvets: The struggle continues, and it is very important that no one has the illusion that the aggressive nature of the #Putin’s regime has been forgotten and forgiven
#RussianAggression #NordStream2

❗Over the year since the ceasefire was announced in #Donbas, the losses of the Ukrainian armed forces halved as 45 Ukrainian service members have been killed
#RussianAggression #StopRussianBrutality #Russia

Participants of #MeetingRussia ll get acquainted w the program of public diplomacy 4 young politicians, experts from around the world & hear many Russian #creativediplomacy narratives to spread them in influential circles at home. Who sponsors #PICREADI?

NGO in Brussels openly broadcasts pro-Russian narratives and makes tours for Europeans to #Moscow to "establish relations."
Read about so-called #Russian creative diplomacy 👇

#Russia is likely to be preparing its agent, Alexander #Ionov, for a mandate in the PACE, OSCE or Trilateral Contact Group on #Donbas.
Now a less aggressive image as a human rights activist is formed for Ionov.

#RussianAggression #hybridwar

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Dilemmas of Conscience: Life v Life

Hello, I am Marta Barandiy and this is my new program Dilemmas of Conscience We will start with the most difficult and urgent dilemma today: life against life – whether one can sacrifice one life to save another. In a pandemic situation where...

Submission to tyranny

From submission tyrannies arise,  They arise from us not thinking wise, From the values we in crises compromise, Letting those in power improvise. All the crises are improvisation ground; For abuse of power the submission's paramount; When abuse of...


Of all the precious little things
that may last longer than a while,
I pray, you bring on freedom’s wings
the grace of an eternal smile...

Stop Russian Brutality

Flashmob #stoprussianbrutality has been initiated by the team of Promote Ukraine and supported by Ukrainian embassies abroad, by Ukrainian MPs and Members of the European Parliament, journalists and experts. The goal is to remind Russia that Crimea...