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Promote Ukraine

Founder of the Belgian international non-profit ogrnaisation Promote Ukraine since 2014.

Ukrainian Free University

Guest Lecturer at the Ukrainian Free University since 2017.

Djannet consulting

Owner and CEO

Moment historique : la #Chambre adopte à l’instant avec 1 large maj. (sauf le PTB…) une résolution condamnant le Holodomor ukrainien voulu par Staline qui fit au moins 5 millions de morts en 1932. Co-signée par ts les groupes pol. démocr. est le fruit d’un long travail personnel

A meeting of sports ministers from 40 countries, incl the EU member states, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, South Korea, and Japan, would be held on 10 February to discuss the participation of Russians and Belarusians in the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

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NATO human chain of Ukrainians

Without NATO it will be difficult to defend Ukraine, without Ukraine it will be impossible to defend NATO. Today, Promote Ukraine organized human chain to thank NATO for support and highlight once again: Ukraine is NATO. Thank you all who came:...