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About me

Promote Ukraine

Founder of the Belgian international non-profit ogrnaisation Promote Ukraine since 2014.

Ukrainian Free University

Guest Lecturer at the Ukrainian Free University since 2017.


Head of Brussels office of the largest law firm of Ukraine – Asters.

Interpol has issued wanted notices for two Russians over the explosion in #Beirut, which occurred on 4 August 2020, destroying almost half of the city, causing USD 15 billion in damage to the region and killing more than 170 people.

In Jan 1654, an agreement was signed between the Hetmanate and Moscow, which established a military-political alliance between them. The Ukrainians concluded this agreement with the hope of defending their independence. However subsequent events led to a radically opposite result

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! Wherever you are and whatever you do, hope your Christmas Eve is joyous💫

Beautiful illustrations by Nikita Titov

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Latest articles

Whom do we serve?

We are here not to serve any vision, We are here not to serve any religion.  We are here to believe our conscience Can discern common sense from the nonsense.   In the God’s universal provision When the evil gets us in collision,  The respect...

Liberty’s terminal chances

All parties defending positions  In clash between worldview systems  When the new social contract conditions  Are turning outsiders to victims  When fear does not meet expectation  To undo the human existence  You come to reveal that mankind Is not...

Collective efficiency

People with a sense of collective outcome will mobilize their efforts and capabilities to overcome external obstacles and bring about change. Those who are convinced of their worthlessness will stop trying.  Albert Bandura in David Myers...

Social connections

Our social environment shapes our self-determination. An individual detached from a group may lose the social connections that determine who he or she is.David Myers. – Social Psychology

Individually United

Promote Freedom Foundation: Why I started it now? Human rights abuses, unnecessary pain that people inflict upon each other, and competition of egos embodied in hate speech show the dark side of human nature. They indicate closure. Respect, freedom...

Meta – Goal

Zavzhdy, skil'ky ja sebe znaju, Samotn'o idu po shljahu, Ale shljah ja sama vyznachaju, I sama obyraju metu. Ja samotnist' ne vidchuvaju, Bo zajmaju sebe zhyttjam. Dyscyplina meni pomagaje Shukaty novi opertja. I pid kozhne vyprobuvannja, Spivaju...