40 beautiful things about Marta:

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Dear Friends,

You are warmly invited to celebrate Marta’s birthday on June 13 at 18:30 in the beautiful Armenian Garden, located at Chau. de Bruxelles 390, 7090 Braine-le-Comte, Belgium.

Please register if you plan to attend and, when you do, share one beautiful thing about Marta.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

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    Beautiful Things

    She is a dream! Beautiful soul, kind heart, smart and intellectual. She is the perfect example of humanity!
    She will always be my number one choice for Europe!

    Marta transforms lives of people in the direction of their dreams!
    Marta is a powerful and beautiful force uniting us all and we need more people like her not only in political scene, but overall among world leaders.

    Marta is an extraordinary woman completely dedicated to the liberation of her country, to freedom and democracy. We have been working together since the very first day of the full invasion of Ukraine by Russia to fight and defeat our common enemy: totalitarianism, barbarism, breaking of international law. We have been together to the frontline to deliver assistance and support. She is the best!! Congratulations for your birthday Marta. Slava Ukraini!

    I wish we had more women like Marta in Europe. A real inspiration in action!

    Marta is a true inspiration to many, including myself. I admire her strength, courage, and leadership in the relentless fight for what she believes in.

    You are indeed a true voice that tirelessly advocates for freedom, justice and European values, so don't let anyone silence you. Keep speaking up and standing strong—you’re changing the world for the better🫂🇺🇦

    United hundreds of people in Belgium and abroad to fight for Ukrainian future and European values 💙💛🇪🇺

    Marta is one hell of a fighter and a true embodiment of the Ukrainian spirit!

    Marta is great!

    She’s a true example of a strong, powerful, yet at the same time kind and tender woman. You’re an inspiration 🫶

    Martha herself is beautiful! Changing looks, creative brain, unchanging will, caring leader. A free woman, fighting for a free Ukraine, hence a free Europe!

    To me, Marta is a living example of Inspiration. That is the first word that comes to me every time I think of Marta and interact with her. She is a rare human, and I only wish her to be surrounded by the kind and loving people as well.

    Looking forward to celebrating Marta very soon🌸🩷

    Beste Marta,
    Samen met mijn familie en vrienden duimen voor jou voor morgen. Veel succes voor morgen.

    Strength of Marta’s spirit and will inspires!

    Congratulations, Marta !!! 🥳

    Марта - энергия женщины, смелость, действия и поступки.

    Marta is a perfect example of a true leader of a strong team. It’s an honor to be the part of Marta’s team🫡
    Happy Birthday!

    Marta, I wish you all the best things for your BDs: love, friendship, true happiness, and joy! Your energy and inspiration are so admirable and cherished by your friends, loved ones, and community. Keep shining, we will follow! ❤️❤️

    Marta is an incredible Ukrainian woman.
    Everything is possible for her!
    Happy birthday & be in love ❤️

    Marta's courage and never-ending motivation keep me and many of the Promote Ukraine volunteers motivated. They help us not to be discouraged when no hope seems to be left. Thank you for this, Marta!

    One vital thing or value about Marta is her drive and consistent pushing the limits, truly appreciate that about her, and as well learning!

    Marta is great

    Martha is an amazing mixture of an innocent child, a cold mind, and a beautiful woman.

    Loving and caring mother of two beautiful children.

    Твоя робота надихає
    І результат завжди вражає.
    Ти можеш більше ніж ми всі,
    Мабуть працюєш й уві сні.

    Ти любиш всім допомагати
    Також ти любиш довіряти
    Ти мрієш в ідеальний світ,
    Й рятуєш український рід.

    Тобі я хочу побажати
    Щасливой бути і кохати,
    Бажаю більш відпочивати
    І власні книги видавати.

    Бажаю світ весь підкорити.
    Ніколи зовсім не хворіти.
    І збудувати те життя,
    Де вдячність, визнання й хвала.

    Marta is an inspiring woman with a strong spirit, sharp mind, and feminine energy ❤️

    Marta is great!