Every day in recent years, we perceive the world changing, facing increasingly formidable challenges: the energy, climate, health, and migration crisis, as well as the war of Russia in Ukraine and the Israeli-Palestinian war… What comes next? A World War?


Recent statements from military leaders and defense officials across NATO member states underscore a growing concern: the possibility of Russian aggression extending beyond Ukraine’s borders, with potential targets including NATO’s eastern flank and even central Europe.


As Europe grapples with myriad challenges — ranging from economic strains to climate change — the war in Ukraine introduces a sinister, often overlooked dimension to the continent’s trials.

Germany’s Evolving Role in Supporting Ukraine: European Security on Munich Conference

Beyond the logistical and leadership challenges lies a deeper concern that has reshaped Germany's perspective: the genuine fear of a Russian attack on a NATO country.


A pivotal roundtable debate hosted by European Aluminium.

Marta Barandiy

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