Dr. Marta Barandiy


Dear friends, hello. Last week marked my first live stream, and today, we continue this new tradition. I hope you're ready with your questions for me. Today, I'm eager to share my Belgian story with you.


Young Belgians, particularly those poised to influence future European Parliament elections, demonstrate a progressive, engaged, and deeply concerned stance towards climate change, social issues, and the broader political landscape of both Belgium and the European Union.


A significant interview recently took place between Yuriy Romanenko and Marta Barandiy, a well-known Belgian activist of Ukrainian origin and politician with ambitions to represent a new party in the European Parliament.


Addressing the needs of people with disabilities is paramount in the pursuit of a more inclusive Europe. The European Union has made strides towards inclusivity, but the journey towards equal access and possibilities for all, particularly for people with disabilities, is ongoing.


In this compelling edition of "Unfiltered Coffee," we engage in a riveting dialogue with Marta Barandiy, a prominent figure in European Law and International Relations and a forerunner in the political arena for the VOOR U Party at the European level.


It's important to correct misconceptions and false portrayals. Despite my Ukrainian roots, I am Belgian, heart and soul. My life here, my family, and my work have shaped me. I speak the languages, know the culture, and am actively involved in our community.


From the intricate legal mechanics of seizing Russian assets for Ukrainian reconstruction to the nuanced battles in environmental protection, Gheorghe shares insights into the EU's concerted efforts to navigate these unprecedented challenges.


We had the privilege of speaking with EESC President Christa Schweng about the committee's efforts to aid Ukraine, the impact of these initiatives, and the vision for a future where Ukraine's place in the European Union is solidified.


The protests in Brussels and across Europe highlight the need for dialogue and policy adjustments that address both environmental concerns and the livelihoods of farmers.


Marta Barandiy and Viola von Cramon, the vice-chair of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Committee and a member of the EU-Russia Committee, discuss perspectives on EU relations, efforts for Ukraine, and views on the geopolitical landscape shaped by Russia's actions.

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