Everyone has already noticed, but it is worth mentioning again - today, warfare has evolved beyond conventional areas like land, sea, air, and space.


As a lead candidate for the European Parliament with the Voor U party, Marta Barandiy’s platform revolves around enhancing the support structures for entrepreneurship in Belgium and across Europe.


Today, being an entrepreneur is arguably a challenge more than ever, especially in Belgium. The majority of obstacles come from the actual regulations and political views of the current policymakers.


In search of peace and prosperity that these values bring with them, migrants leave their countries and come to Europe. These values should be at the core of European migration policy. 


Ben je klaar om te ontdekken waar je staat in sleutelkwesties die Vlaanderen en de Europese Unie beïnvloeden? Probeer de quiz "Hoe Marta Ben Jij? Ontdek Jouw Politieke Match", waarmee je kunt meten hoe nauw jouw politieke opvattingen aansluiten bij die van Marta Barandiy, een dynamische kandidaat die streeft naar liberalisering van de toekomst van het Europees Parlement.


In such discussions where Ukrainians are not considered, you talk about Ukraine as some object, neglecting the will and sovereignty of the whole nation that chose Europe over Russia.


Voor U is a new party established in December 2023. It is incredibly difficult to get through the silence of the government-subsidized Flemish media VRT. 


According to the survey results highlighted in Ovchar's report, a compelling 81% of Europeans now believe that participating in the upcoming elections is more important than ever. 


It is striking how both Russia and China use the same narratives in their “cognitive war" against the West. Taiwanese activists and officials have shared their experience fighting Chinese interference in the recent presidential elections in Taiwan during an open discussion in the European Parliament hosted by Petras Austrevicius.


I propose Marta Barandiy, a great human rights activist known for her impactful events across Brussels and Belgium, advocating for solidarity, peace, and human rights in the European Union. I support Marta. Will you?


VoorU is different from other Belgian parties through its approach to governance, which involves less regulation and more personal freedom, not unlike the broader liberal values seen in other parties, yet with a distinct focus on direct engagement with community needs and local governance.


As promised in my previous discussion, I’m here to share insights from my own entrepreneurial journey. Back in 2018, I took the leap and established my first consulting firm. This was a significant moment, especially when Asters, the largest law firm in Ukraine, offered me the opportunity to represent them in Belgium.


We believe this new agreement represents a difficult compromise to reach for all EU member states, given that all decisions must be made by consensus.


Marta Barandiy advocates for a transformative approach to engaging young Europeans in political dialogue. Committed to ensuring that the perspectives and insights of the younger generation are not only heard but also acted upon in the European Parliament, Barandiy proposes a multifaceted strategy to bridge the gap between politics and youth.


This commitment to amplifying the people's voice through participatory democracy forms the bedrock of her platform. It is a modern, inclusive approach to policymaking that underscores the importance of direct engagement with the electorate, recognizing the essential role that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play in this process.


As we stand at a pivotal crossroads, the need for a comprehensive, strategic, and forward-looking security policy has never been more apparent. Herein lies Marta's vision: a Europe resilient in the face of global challenges yet steadfast in its commitment to peace over militarization.


Marta Barandiy’s election campaign stands out in the crowded field of European politics for its comprehensive and visionary approach toward shaping a European Union that is more efficient, transparent, strong, and closely aligned with the values and aspirations of its citizens. 


We gave up the supremacy of freedom and dignity—the highest values in democratic postwar society, the values that inspired revolutions and heroїsme, the values that formed the expectations of entire nations. 


Marta's personal story is deeply intertwined with Belgium, where she has lived since 2011. Despite facing challenges as an immigrant and a new mother, she navigated her way through the Belgian job market and eventually founded her own company, Djannet Consulting, in 2018.


Download the attached flyers to share Marta's inspiring campaign with your friends and community. Whether it's on your social feed, through a message, or by printing and leaving a flyer in your favorite coffee shop, every little bit helps. Join us in making the Flanders' voice heard all the way to the European Parliament and the EU. 💪 Together, we make a difference!


Dear friends, hello. Last week marked my first live stream, and today, we continue this new tradition. I hope you're ready with your questions for me. Today, I'm eager to share my Belgian story with you.


Young Belgians, particularly those poised to influence future European Parliament elections, demonstrate a progressive, engaged, and deeply concerned stance towards climate change, social issues, and the broader political landscape of both Belgium and the European Union.


A significant interview recently took place between Yuriy Romanenko and Marta Barandiy, a well-known Belgian activist of Ukrainian origin and politician with ambitions to represent a new party in the European Parliament.


Addressing the needs of people with disabilities is paramount in the pursuit of a more inclusive Europe. The European Union has made strides towards inclusivity, but the journey towards equal access and possibilities for all, particularly for people with disabilities, is ongoing.

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