To describe myself in short

To describe myself in short

To describe myself in short, 
I put my life in just few words:

My soul is built of 
Belgo-Ukrainian pieces, 

My experience comes from 
a multinational background;

I defended my doctoral thesis 
at the University of Germany's Saarland;

I gained law specialisation 
to apply within my organisation;

I founded a non-profit, 
and a mobile application;

I research International relations 
and human rights violations;

I speak English, two native, 
and three Belgian languages

To bring up the gender equality messages;

I am married by Islam 
to a Pakistani man with the name Imran;

Thousands things that I create, 
be it projects, poems or events 

Are my values manifests,
both by Bible and Koran.

Though, my most important cause in life 
is not to be a perfect wife,

It is to help the Angels rise, 
To teach my children thinking wise, 

To help the Angels brighten sun, 
enlighten Jannet and Ryan.


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